Melissa Mays


Fighting through the Flint Water Crisis firsthand, Melissa learned how important it is to protect families from water and environmental contamination. Through activism, pushing new legislation, education, scientific testing, and community organizing, Melissa was able to help bring the Water Crisis to the forefront. She has spent the past two years pushing for solutions, accountability, and real change so no other family has to suffer the same fate. It is critical that we change the way we view and protect our air, soil, and water. We need to work together to make the safest and most sustainable choices for our environment and Michigan’s future.


David Benac

Vice Chair

David returned to his home state in 2013 after a decade in New Orleans defined by Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon only to find himself in the neighborhood of the largest inland oil spill in US history. As an experienced activist who has worked with Earth First!, Gulf Restoration Network, Heartwood, and others, David is committed to preventing the environmental and human disasters that are becoming too common. He joined the Sanders campaign in summer 2015 and fought all the way through the DNC Platform Committee where he was a Sanders delegate. Today he fights for a Kalamazoo Climate Action Plan, as well as a divestment campaign for Kalamazoo and WMU.


Phil Garofalo


Phil Garofalo has spent years working in political and non-profit communications. His career began interning in the offices of former-Gov. Jennifer Granholm and Sen. Debbie Stabenow. In 2012, Phil served as then-Rep. Gary Peters 2012 Digital Media Director, and afterwards, he joined DMC Strategies, a Detroit-based political consulting firm. Currently, Phil serves as the National Communications Manager for the Organization for Bat Conservation, located at the Cranbrook Institute for Science. Now in it’s 20th year, OBC remains a national leader in environmental education and commands a passionate staff dedicated to reversing the myths that have long surrounded bats for centuries. 


Jason Touleyrou


Jason is a current MBA student at Wayne State University and works as an underwriter for a financial services firm in Troy, MI. Throughout his life, he has enjoyed experiencing the great outdoors; backpacking, outdoor photography, and cycling. Politically, Jason has worked for officials at all levels of  government, including then-Congressman Gary Peters, Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown and former State Legislator Tim Bledsoe. He currently serves as an alternate to the MDP Spring Convention Rules Committee and as a member of Executive Committee for the Macomb County Democrats.


Executive Committee

Joanne Crombley
Norm Pelak
Dwight Washington
Pat Race
Michelle Timmerman-Davis
Daniel Bloomberg
Marshall Clabeaux
Nicole Reid
Vincent Martin
Ethel Rivera
Jennifer Schlicht
Heather Colombo
John Philo
Susan Hockings