Protecting all of this for our next generations should be a no-brainer.


Our Mission

Michigan is home to one of the most spectacular and breathtaking natural wonders in the world: the Great Lakes. The Michigan Democratic Party Environmental Caucus stands as an organization dedicated to defending, not only of this critical natural resource, but all of our state's wildlife, shorelines, and resources. 

This caucus serves as the environmental vanguard for the efforts of the Michigan Democratic Party within our state.

We organize. We conserve. We protect. 


"The significance of our lives and our fragile planet is then determined only by our own wisdom and courage. We are the custodians of life's meaning."

Carl Sagan  |  Astronomer and researcher


Our Goals

Environmental justice comes in all shapes and sizes. This means that the Michigan Democratic Party Environmental Caucus seeks to protect our environment through any and all reasonable means.  


If you care about the environment, we want you on our team! Unlike other caucuses, we made sure to make the MDP Environmental Caucus free to join. All we ask for is five hours a month, organizing for a better environment. Sign the pledge here.


Conservation starts in our own backyards. The MDP Environmental Caucus continues to provide tools, resources, and more to help families be more green in their own daily lives. Take a look at our free resource center to get ideas about how YOU can be more green. 


The heart of conservation work is action. We work across the state with individuals and organizations alike, to clean up roads and shores, march against dirty energy, and advocate for wildlife that finds itself increasingly encroached upon by human activity


For Michigan's environment to be protected, it has to transform the way it approaches energy and infrastructure. The MDP Environmental Caucus continues to push our elected officials to fix our crumbling infrastructure, close down leaking oil pipelines, and transform our energy systems by adopting renewable sources.


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